Thrill dating app india

THRILL Dating App, for all youngsters who felt the difficulty to date in India

The difficult part was to go out and speak with girls to find out what they are looking for.

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The transition from regular jobs to entrepreneurship was that of merriment and enthusiasm for the thrilling duos. Josh tells us how his father convinced his not so happy Mother to allow their son to not become a working stiff like him. Their present target audience are young professionals in the age group of 18 to 25 year old demographic. They aim to create an exciting experience for couples who've met on their app and have them speak about Thrill.

Thrill dating app has a premium model, whereby users get points to utilize premium features within the app. For example, a user gets 4 free matches per day, past that they would have to unlock additional matches or use their points which then translate to real rupees.

It's a match made online: takes 25% in Thrill

This has a lot to do with Indian culture and its stigmatization of dating among youth. However, there is a huge change afoot. What has been traditionally under the rather authoritative purview of parents has now transformed to the advantage of youngsters.

Best Dating App in India (2018)

This change began in urban areas and can grow even more as more youngsters start waking up to the comparative benefits of a dating culture. This provides a rather big opportunity to technology startups who want to connect young people together. We have services like Bharat Matrimony and Shaadi.

What the youngsters in the country need is a service which can easily help them find interesting people. Due to the lack of dating services in the country, quite a few youngsters in cities have started using US based services like OKCupid and Tinder. However, these services do not have a lot of traction here, which makes the whole exercise pointless.

Thrill is a mobile first app which wants to solve that problem. Arguably the first mobile dating app to come out of India, it is all the more interesting because Thrill was co-founded by two US entrepreneurs who noticed the huge opportunity in India and moved here to build the service.

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I gave it a run and here are my thoughts about the app My thoughts here on only reflect the male point of view. Women who have used the app may please add their experiences in the comments. More power to women: Thrill is interesting because of its central promise. Also, stuff such as having your pic as your profile photo, not being married or not having a girlfriend helps. The app has also started audio verification.

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Perhaps the best-looking dating app in India is Thrill , which has an app for Android with an iPhone version in the works. I like the thrill you get when you match with. This means adding your interests. Women who have used the app may please add their experiences in the comments. As a part of the transaction, Mumbai-based People Group has also merged its dating platform Fropper with Delhi-based Thrill Applications, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thrill. Subscribe to our newsletter Get original digital marketing stories in your email inbox.

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